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SPONSOR TWO TREES: We will plant two trees on your behalf in an Earthwaking Village and put a rock with your name on it next to them for a one time donation of only $500!

What's Included: Over $15,000 Value!!!
  • Deposit Secured That Goes Toward Any Investment You Make At Or Before The Event ($2000)
  • ​1 on 1 Call with Jonathan: Talk with Jonathan privately for up to 1hr to get all of your questions answered. This has never been offered before! ($$Priceless!!!)
  • ​7 Day "The Solution - Investor Retreat": Enjoy a relaxing and inspiring week in Costa Rica at our first village to learn exactly what we are doing, how we are doing it, what is involved and see it all first hand for yourself. Food and lodging is included. Transportation is not included. ($5000!!!)
  • BONUS Bring a Friend: You get an extra ticket to bring someone you love along for the adventure with you! Food and lodging is included. Transportation is not included. ($5000!!!)
  • BONUS 1000 Nature Coins: This Is Our Own Sovereign Currency. Make The Switch From "Fiat" (The Dollar) To The World's Most Valuable Land Backed Currency And Start Today On Your Journey To True Financial FREEDOM! ($3000)
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